knock knock wines
Comes to

Discover amazing
stories scanning the label

Introduction to the App
Like a wolf

the Knock Knock
Wines AR APP

Like a wolf


the label with your
mobile phone

Like a wolf


the story behind
the character

Like a wolf
Be the label’s protagonist

and share it with
whomever you choose

Download the Knock Knock Wines AR APP, and simply point your cell phone at the label. Thanks to the Augmented Reality Technology you watch the wolf come to life to tell you more about Knock Knock, your favorite wine.
lobo blanco

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App Comments

The wine is really good,
it also surprises
with its packaging

Antonio Morales


I love this app and how the label 

comes to life

Nathaly Lakes

Excellent app. The experience
is  interesting and funny.

I recommend it!

Ariam Baumann