lobo blanco

Legend has it that in the Torre Oria Palace-Estate, surrounded by vineyards that are more than 125 years old, there is a wolf that roams the grounds. On nights when the moon is full, you can hear it howling even more intensely, as it transforms into a wolf and comes knocking at your door… KNOCK KNOCK…


Out of this mysterious tale emerges Knock Knock, a wine for people #likeawolf, who are intelligent, astute and brave. People who care about others and who watch out for their own. 

lobo blanco

People who are able to adapt to new situations as effortlessly as a wolf grows a new coat. Loyal, non-judgmental, team-oriented and self-confident people.

They don’t care what people say!


In other words, truly special people who are almost in danger of extinction.


Knock Knock people with a wolf-like spirit, protagonists of their own stories.

Will you join the club?